Aims and Scope

Readocx international aims to provide a platform to reach the research work to the common man.

We are committed to give a widest possible access to the researchers, students and readers to learn more scholarly literature and everyday news updates of clinical, medical, life sciences, pharma and environment fields.

We are trying to improve the performance of Science, Technology and Medicine professionals, allowing the scholars to make better resolutions and to provide their knowledge to the audience for accessing right information. We strive to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings because they transfer expert knowledge synthesized from the exponentially expanding corpus of scientific literature to scholars and society.

To create this impactful content, we bring together experts to all levels and allowing to our platform where members can discuss trends in each field and select relevant topics to share their opinions.
People will get the knowledge of their interested topics which are happening across the globe with free of access through our services.