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They are called "Lucy Sweet® PE1UNIBO *", "Early Giulia® PE2UNIBO *", "Debby Green® PE3UNIBO *," Lucy Red® PE4UNIBO * "and will be presented at the Ferrara fair dedicated to the perimeter supply chain.

The University of Bologna and the CIV (Italian Vivaisti Consortium of Ferrara), from 16 to 18 November, will present at FuturPera , the specialized exhibition dedicated to the perchera supply chain, four new pear varieties . The new varieties called "PE1UNIBO * Lucy Sweet®", "PE2UNIBO * Early Giulia®", "PE3UNIBO * Debby Green®", "PE4UNIBO * Lucy Red®" can be tasted at the Consortium stand.

Early ripening period (before William variety), good production performance, high organoleptic quality of the product, preservability: the main characteristics of the first three varieties. The fourth variety is distinguished by the appearance of the fruit, the bright red color, the large size and the period of maturation delayed by about 15 days compared to the cultivar (variety of cultivated plant obtained by genetic improvement) of reference William.

Italy is the European leader in pear production . Despite the large number of varieties available, only a small part of it is on the market, where more than 90% of the traditional cultivars dominate (such as the "Abate Fétel" and "William"), which cover a wide maturation calendar, starting from early August with the William cultivar, to arrive at the beginning of September with Abate Fetel and Kaiser.

In the early 90s the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bolognabegan a program of genetic improvement of the pear tree, with the aim of expanding the varietal calendar in the early and late period, obtaining high quality fruits, selecting red peel pears and developing varieties that had greater resistance and tolerance to the main adversities of the pear tree.

In these years, more than 20,000 seedlings are obtained from more than 270 combinations of intersections. To date, the breeding activity, which since 2007 has taken advantage of the collaboration of the CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) of Ferrara , has led to the protection of intellectual property of the most promising selections and, therefore, to the recent filing of applications for Privat Plant owned by the University of Bologna, which today protect the 4 new varieties at European and US level.

Alma Mater has already under way the first contracts with private companies for the advanced experimentation of the four varieties, in the final perspective of arriving, in the next few years, the transfer of the rights of exploitation of the same to the industrial world, in order to be able to bring them to the market. Participation in FUTURPERA is an important opportunity to make known and taste to the operators of the sector and to the public these new varieties, fruit (also in the literal sense of the term) of the research of the University of Bologna.

FuturPera is the first international trade fair event dedicated exclusively to enhancing the perimeter supply chain, from sustainable production techniques to product conservation, from marketing to consumption. The event aims to encourage the maximum development of the sector, its technological innovation and is proposed as a strategic meeting point for the various Italian and foreign players in the chain, and international buyers to promote the internationalization of the product.

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